well we made it to vickie's. we're staying in her and ronnie's toy hauler. i get a big bed, all to myself! dunno how long we'll be staying. we got here about 3pm. have been sitting in vickie's kitchen (which is gorgeous by the way!) just talking non-stop since we got here. she's awesome and they have a neat quad like buggy. so, much fun is being had for sure. and free internets is always a plus, lol. btw, it was 68 out when we got here, yeehaw!
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life is a journey

can we make it?

it's 8:30. have the cabin till 11. tina said last nite that c/o time for the campground is 1. gonna take a shower here and then go finish packing up while i run a load of laundry. there's a forum member in southern louisiana who's offered to let us stay for a bit and visit with them. they are vickie and ronnie. ronnie says we're not to sleep in our tents but instead to use their rv which i think is a big 5th wheel. it's about 757 miles from here to there. that's abt 150 more than from david and jenny's to here. so i think we can make it there before going broke, lol.

have to get some money into my boa account to pay our cap1 cards. there's a boa right out on the main drag. then tomorrow i'll be able to pay them. one less thing to worry about. if we could hold off on paying the cell bill till next monday we'd be a whole lot farther ahead.

well, that's it for now.
life is a journey

I has a warm bed!

One of the forum members, Sarah, doesn't have an rv and doesn't tent camp. She's staying in the cabin they got for the potluck tonite. There's 2 bedrooms, a double bed in one and 2 twins in the other. I am staying in the twin room! Wahoo! Mom would've stayed here too but she's got to take care of Shade cuz they don't allow pets in the cabins. She says she's been warm enough at nite while my feet have been freezing. So here I am, tickled pink to be sleeping inside. I guess they're gonna rent this cabin again for tomorrow nite so who knows, I may be here again. If that's the case I may pack up my tent tomorrow. That way it's less to pack up on Monday.

Well, it's been a long day and I have to get Sarah up in the morning and we're all having brunch at 10 before a bunch go off on a little excursion.

PS. The potluck was excellent, lots of yummy food and a movie (based/filmed nearby about the woman who wrote the book Jacob's Ladder.
life is a journey

i'm cold!

today was decent. got up to 48. heard talk of snow but i've not seen any. just some rain and drizzles. went to evil*mart. bought new sweats and some groceries. dug out my fleece socks from my suitcase but my feet are frozen. i'm in bed but toes are still cold. my ass and legs are warm cuz they're under my mountain of blankets. hopefully no more rain tomorrow. gonna put up the screen house. we get out to az, i'm buyin a different one that u can buy solid walls (versus just having screen walls) for it. not cheap but will be worth it. gets in the 40's at nite out there and with solid walls (like canvas i think?) it'll retain heat better. bunch of us got together in carolyn's. she has the biggest rv, a class a. had some more of liz's yummy chili. pipes for the water in our site are frozen. someone had to come frog around with the water to the bathrooms cuz the toilets weren't flushing. we have a cracked distributor cap so had to use the hair dryer on it for about 20 mins. damn damp weather!

well that's it. my hands are cold and i need to get curled up in here and get some sleep.
sunny forest

made it

Just wanted to post that we made it here about 4pm. I managed to get abt a 2hr nap in on the way down. Now I'm going to bed. Ni ni!
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life is a journey


no rest for the wicked! *gives a dirty look to the buzz saw next to her*
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on the road

almost there

we're at a rest stop in tifton, ga. about 3 hrs from the state park we're headed to in ocala. mom pulled over to take a nap. unfortunately i am wide fucking awake. :( been up since about 10:30ish yesterday. it's 28 degrees but haven't seen any snow. i wish i was tired so i could sleep now. will have to down some coffee later to stay awake. gonna try to sleep now. much to do tomorrow in setting up camp. bleh!
life is a journey

time for sleep!

been on the road for 13 hours. it's actually 2:36cdt but anyways... lol. we're at a days inn in brinkley, arkansas. gotta be out by 11. mom wants to go to this diamond mining thing tomorrow. i'm really not interested but wtf am i gonna do while she does that? oh well...
life is a journey

here's the pics from the trail

i'd tried to use the bulk uploader before but it would never work. *shrug* it worked this time so here are the pics i took. next time i'll take a couple of vids of david drivin and some more shots of the creek that runs along the trails.

i know i'm only repeating myself but damn, i really love this camera! and just in case anyone is interested, it's a nikon coolpix l18 and i paid $153 and change for it, including the sandisk 1gb memory card for it. *very happy*
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