January 7th, 2010

on the road

almost there

we're at a rest stop in tifton, ga. about 3 hrs from the state park we're headed to in ocala. mom pulled over to take a nap. unfortunately i am wide fucking awake. :( been up since about 10:30ish yesterday. it's 28 degrees but haven't seen any snow. i wish i was tired so i could sleep now. will have to down some coffee later to stay awake. gonna try to sleep now. much to do tomorrow in setting up camp. bleh!
life is a journey


no rest for the wicked! *gives a dirty look to the buzz saw next to her*
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sunny forest

made it

Just wanted to post that we made it here about 4pm. I managed to get abt a 2hr nap in on the way down. Now I'm going to bed. Ni ni!
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    distant traffic and a plane overhead
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