Wicked Grl (wicked_grl) wrote,
Wicked Grl

i'm cold!

today was decent. got up to 48. heard talk of snow but i've not seen any. just some rain and drizzles. went to evil*mart. bought new sweats and some groceries. dug out my fleece socks from my suitcase but my feet are frozen. i'm in bed but toes are still cold. my ass and legs are warm cuz they're under my mountain of blankets. hopefully no more rain tomorrow. gonna put up the screen house. we get out to az, i'm buyin a different one that u can buy solid walls (versus just having screen walls) for it. not cheap but will be worth it. gets in the 40's at nite out there and with solid walls (like canvas i think?) it'll retain heat better. bunch of us got together in carolyn's. she has the biggest rv, a class a. had some more of liz's yummy chili. pipes for the water in our site are frozen. someone had to come frog around with the water to the bathrooms cuz the toilets weren't flushing. we have a cracked distributor cap so had to use the hair dryer on it for about 20 mins. damn damp weather!

well that's it. my hands are cold and i need to get curled up in here and get some sleep.
Tags: camping, florida
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