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I has a warm bed!

One of the forum members, Sarah, doesn't have an rv and doesn't tent camp. She's staying in the cabin they got for the potluck tonite. There's 2 bedrooms, a double bed in one and 2 twins in the other. I am staying in the twin room! Wahoo! Mom would've stayed here too but she's got to take care of Shade cuz they don't allow pets in the cabins. She says she's been warm enough at nite while my feet have been freezing. So here I am, tickled pink to be sleeping inside. I guess they're gonna rent this cabin again for tomorrow nite so who knows, I may be here again. If that's the case I may pack up my tent tomorrow. That way it's less to pack up on Monday.

Well, it's been a long day and I have to get Sarah up in the morning and we're all having brunch at 10 before a bunch go off on a little excursion.

PS. The potluck was excellent, lots of yummy food and a movie (based/filmed nearby about the woman who wrote the book Jacob's Ladder.
Tags: cabin, camping
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