Wicked Grl (wicked_grl) wrote,
Wicked Grl

can we make it?

it's 8:30. have the cabin till 11. tina said last nite that c/o time for the campground is 1. gonna take a shower here and then go finish packing up while i run a load of laundry. there's a forum member in southern louisiana who's offered to let us stay for a bit and visit with them. they are vickie and ronnie. ronnie says we're not to sleep in our tents but instead to use their rv which i think is a big 5th wheel. it's about 757 miles from here to there. that's abt 150 more than from david and jenny's to here. so i think we can make it there before going broke, lol.

have to get some money into my boa account to pay our cap1 cards. there's a boa right out on the main drag. then tomorrow i'll be able to pay them. one less thing to worry about. if we could hold off on paying the cell bill till next monday we'd be a whole lot farther ahead.

well, that's it for now.
Tags: camping
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