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my first real 4 wheelin adventure

omg, where do i start?!? ok, david got out of work at like 4. he gets home and says he and his friends, josh and jonas benfield are going 4 wheelin. i'm not sure if the girls with them were wives or girlfriends. i think it was josh's son with them too. anyways david asks if we wanna go. i say ok, jump in the shower, grab some snacks and off we go. stopped for gas, met up with the guys and off we went.

now, i've been 4 wheelin once before, just mom and i, on a pretty easy trail. we were actually in 2 wheel drive but it was kick ass! even got a little bit of muddin in :D

anywho, made sure to bring my new camera. i took about 70 pics and 3 short vids. had to get new batteries when we met up with the benfields as the ones that came with it were already dead, lol.

i think we left the house at about 5:30 ish. there were mom, david, his fiance jenny and i. we were out with his '85 3/4 ton chevy blazer 4x4. on a difficulty scale of 1 - 5 david said the trails were a 2.5 compared to what he'd been on with his cj5 jeep. anyways, goin up the trail we met up with a guy whose friend had flipped his toyota onto its right side on a particularly nasty spot. the kid was gonna leave the truck till he could find someone to help him out. luckily josh had a winch on his truck. the benfields had been behind us and backed down the trail to go round the other way to pull the kid out. we were gonna back down too but stalled out and then couldn't get started. david went up the hill and, all the guys together, got the truck back on all 4's and got her runnin with some starter fluid as all the fuel had drained out of the carburetor. then the benfields and one of the guys from the other bunch came back and got david started back up. was a burned out battery cable or something. got'er goin , backed on out and finished the trail. the kid drivin the toyota paid for $50 worth of gas for both david and josh for helpin him out. kid was lucky he didn't do more damage and that he came upon us.

at a couple of parts on the trail i got pretty freaked. started having flashbacks of the truck accident. but i guess it didn't scare me too badly as i really wanna go again. if david doesn't have to work the weekend of the 29th i want the 4 of us go to camping. it's so gorgeous up there!! at one point it was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. we were high enough up that there was no traffic noise. not even the birds were singing. it was really nice. there's a shelter up there and plenty of space for the 4 of us to camp out. i want to do it before it gets too much cooler at night tho mom n i have camped in 12 degree weather. i will definitely be taking my camera and plenty of extra batteries. may have to pick up another memory card.

i'm gonna try and embed all 3 short vids into this post. will have to wait till tomorrow nite to get some pics up on photobucket and post them here. took me a while to get the vids uploaded. i am going to have to play with the settings on my camera so the pics aren't such huge files. i will try to edit them so they're smaller.

on our way home mom mentioned i should have gotten video of the guys pullin the toyota out but i wasn't figuring on doing much walking (and can't wear sneakers or boots anyways) so i only had my crocs on. i will eventually get some footage of david on the trail tho.

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life is a journey

ganked from _synthetica_

I was bored...



1. Where is your cell phone? nearby

2. Your significant other? none

3. Your hair? shaggy

4. Your mother? kitchen

5. Your father? joke

6. Your favorite thing? laughter

7. Your dream last night? unrecalled

8. Your favorite drink? sweet

9. Your dream/goal? free

10. The room you're in? green

11. Your ex? gladly

12. Your fear? loss

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? full-timing

14. Where were you last night? bed

15. What you're not? confident

16. Muffins? blueberry

17. One of your wish list items? music

18. Where you grew up? elmira

19. The last thing you did? sleep

20. What are you wearing? tshirt

21. Your TV? small

22. Your pets? memories

23. Your computer? damaged

24. Your life? uncertain

25. Your mood? indifferent

26. Missing someone? dearly

27 Your car? none

28. Something you're not wearing? pants

29 Favorite store? michaels

30. Your summer? sweltering

31. Like someone? nope

32. Your favorite color? black

33. When is the last time you laughed? today

34. Last time you cried? friday

35. Who will/would re-post this? dunno
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life is a journey

just call me squeeky

been a long couple of wks. missed 4 days of work. had to spend money i didn't really have so i could kick this shit. no surprise, i've got bronchitis again. had to get a shot in the tush, antibiotics and an inhaler. i'm sleeping a bit better/longer at a stretch. started on the 18th. woke up around 2:30ish in the morning. chest felt tight and i was coughin and not feelin so hot. worked monday and tuesday, missed wednesday, worked thursday and then took off friday and saturday. sunday i went to urgent care. was gonna go saturday but by the time we got there they were packed and it was a 3 hr wait at the least. girl said to come back the next morning by 8. got there about 8:30. 2.5 to 3 hrs later i'd spent $154 n change n got prescriptions for an antibiotic, inhaler and some stuff called tussin i think. i skipped out on the cough medicine, mom said it was $75 for 4oz. piss on that.
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life is a journey


didn't wanna jinx us so i didn't post about it... we finally made it up to pa last weekend to get our shit. left from work friday, got up there about 1:30 am. went to see michelle at the terminal. i think we sat and shot the shit for at least 3 hrs. caught her up on everything that's been goin on with us since the accident. caught a cpl hrs of sleep in the blazer. woke up to snow flurries, most everything had been turned to white to some degree and someone was tinkering with the lights for the u-haul trailer. guess it'd been wired badly to begin with. guy finished up, went n had breakie then on to the storage room. took us like 2.5-3 hrs but we got it done. went n had oil put in the car at advance and hit the road. i snoozed for a few hrs on the way home. mom drove the entire way cuz i was scared shitless to drive with the damn trailer swaying like a bitch!
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life is a journey

meme cuz i'm bored

1. If I were a doll, the accessories packaged with me would be:
laptop and a fantasy novel

2. I have an irrational fear of:
falling and standing on a chair in the middle of a room to change a light

3. What type of food do you eat at your grandparents?
when they were alive grampa would make me slum gullion and grams would make the best spaghetti

4. What weight were you when you were born?
uh, 6lbs 12oz i think

5. What would you do if you were stranded on an island with the person you hate most?
if making peace wasn't possible to stave off loneliness i'd go off on my own

6. What would you do if you found out you had been cheated on?
i have been and it hurts like hell. just one more reason among many that i'm single

7. What do your last four In box text read as:
just silly valentines jokes from julie

8. I find the thought of childbirth:
utterly terrifying and glad i'll never go thru it personally

9. Next door to my house is:
rednecks, i'm surrounded by them!

10. My feet are:
sorta small, lil bit chubby and almost always uncomfortably hot

11. My preferred style of jeans are:
boot cut, covering the tops and heels of my shoes, soft, well worn and comfy

12. Why is your 1 your 1 (on MySpace)?
no clue

13: Know how to cook?
i haven't poisoned anyone thusfar

14. I am annoyed with:
that i have no utter clue where my dvd case is and i'm really starting to think i lost it sometime around the truck accident in october

15. What is the worst way you were dumped?
found out the guy i was seeing was also seeing his ex gf again. now the idiot's stuck with another girl and a baby

16. What child-related smell do you not like?
vomit, diapers

17. What sea creature scares you?
jellyfish, octopuss, eels

18. What color hair do most of the people around you have?

19. What object have you broken most recently?
erm, part of a hanger of something i was trying on at the store... guess i don't know my own strength, lol

20. Name one of the Spice Girls:
stupid spice

21. What was the last thing to make you cry?
a customer on the phone at work was a total asshole

22. What are the stems on wine glasses for?
so your fingers don't touch the glass nearest the wine and warm it?

23. My favorite shoes are:
my danks and my stompy boots but i can't wear them cuz my feet get way too hot so i'd have to go with my fake crocs or my flip flops

24. Can you use chopsticks?
got rice? lol

25. Do you prefer beaches or forests?
damn, if i have to pick only one i guess it would be forests but beaches is a very close second!

26. What serial killer do you find most disturbing?
manson? i dunno

27. Who knows a secret or two about you?
plenty of ppl... maybe i should go into hiding, lol

28. When's the last time something burnt you?
the other day

29. Who is/are your hero[s]?
fictional or real life? my mom, grams and my brother

30. Where is your sister right now?
in ny

31. Do you believe in things that last forever?
don't rightly know

32. What are you listening to?
mom, david and jenny talking in the kitchen

33. What do you smell like?
faintly of my perfume i guess

34. Are you married?

35. Does anyone regularly tell you they love you?
mom and david

36. What is confusing to you?
you name it

37. Do you have any bad habits?
more than i have time to list

38. Have you ever wanted to be a teacher?

39. What is one thing you've learned about life?
gotta take the bad with the good and vice versa

40. What's your favorite color?

41. Have you ever been stuck in an elevator?

42. What does your dad call you?
called me bug when he actually cared... was cuz i didn't like to be held as a baby/child, i wanted to be crawling around on the floor... like a bug

43. Has anyone told you that they like you more than a friend?
once or twice i suppose

44. What are you looking forward to?
getting a bed

45. How are you today?
a lil bit tired, lil bit sore and frustrated about not finding my dvd case but otherwise i'm alright
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69 Questions Guaranteed You've Never Answered

69 Questions Guaranteed You've Never Answered
(unless you've taken this quiz before)

1. What would you do if your ex just showed up at your house right now?
Scream in a mad fit and go hide in my closet

2. What describes your relationship status?
95% happily single

3. Where are you?
In my cave

4. What's the last TV show you've seen?
Uh... um... damn... Law & Order: SVU like Thursday nite I think.

6. What is your favorite animal?
Cat I guess

7. Who have you thought about most today?

8. Do you carve pumpkins every year?
Haven't done that since I was a kid
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life is a journey

as u can see i'm still here... (warning, some work rants ahead)

*sigh* pretty sad and a bit numb after the news of robin's death. but wanted to try to do a bit of an update.

mom and i got out of work at noon and proceeded to do a bit of shopping. she hit up a thrift store and got a cute green lamp for her room for a couple dollars. went to dick's and she got some tent poles as she wants to make some sort of covering for the back top deck. headed to elizabethton and checked out cato's but i didn't like anything they had. a lot more dressy and girly than i wanted to go with, lol! mom picked up a green long-sleeved t-shirt/hoodie thing and i bought some perfume.
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life is a journey

never ready to say goodbye!

got some pretty awful news tonite when I signed on to yahoo msgr. an exceptional friend and fellow deviant passed on to the summerlands last sunday. this woman had a hear as big as all get out and stubborn as they come. robin will be missed dearly. i'd logged onto yahoo and received an offline msg from her son that she'd passed. i made a mad, crazy dash for the kitchen and told mom. she called and spoke with bill, robin's husband. he filled us in on what had happened. he explained she'd had some terrible stomach pain that night and by 10pm she was gone. still doesn't really make sense why she went so fast. we're all grieving, each in our own way. she left behind 2 sons, a loving and wonderful husband and many friends who will miss this caring and crazy soul. i can only pray for strength and courage for her family and friends alike. bill had her cremated and has decided to wait till the spring to bury her ashes. mom and i hope to make it up to maine when the time comes.

i'm out of words...

rest in peace, you crotchety old bat! damn we miss you somethin wicked!
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life is a journey

i like this...

"Celibacy is not just a matter of not having sex. It is a way of admiring a person for their humanity, maybe even for their beauty." - Timothy Radcliffe
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